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The idea of the Hymenoptera Information System (HymIS) is to collect and to present taxonomic data of bees and wasps of the world. Sure, with more than 150.000 species it would be a big task to present information of all described species with synonyms, pictures, type data and literature. Therefore HymIS is structured in different projects. Each project has a taxonomically focus (e.g. one family) or a geographically focus (e.g. one country) and nevertheless it could be a taxonomic group in a particular area.

Also we have different projects running, the database for all projects is the same. This has a huge advantage, e.g. a taxonomic change is visible within all projects because the taxonomic backbone is for all projects the same. A foto added to the database is visible within all projects that have the species, the foto belongs to, in their taxonomic selection.

All information is free available and we are trying to expand the taxonomic backbone and the geographical range. We hope you enjoy clicking through the more than 3.000 fotos in the gallery and by receiving information you were looking for.

Please be aware that the information HymIS provides is far away from being complete. The taxonomic backbone of each project has to be updated by every published taxonomic change. It has to be scanned through literature to extract the taxonomic information, additional species information and photos have to be added to the database. Furthermore the web presentation has to be updated regulary and new features have to be programmed to improve the functionality.

All this work is only possible with your help. Please send us article you might missing in our reference library, if you find mistakes, send us an Email and we will correct it as fast as possible. If you are interested to work as a taxonomic editor, you are highly welcomed and your help to improve the taxonomic backbone is highly appreciated. If you want to support the development and the improvement of the HymIS-project you might have a look in our online-shop or become a sponsor of one or more species. More information about a sponsor-ship for species, you may find here.