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Each species is looking for a sponsor. You have the possibility to take the sponsorship for every species you want, as long it has no sponsor already. On the page of the species you selected for your sponsoring, your name will be placed, one foto and a link to your webpage. All this information is optional. You can also support our project without that your identity is mentioned. In this case there will be only the information that the species, you selected, has a sponsor, without any further information and you, as sponsor, will be anonymous.

With the sponsorship you support the further developing of the HymIS-project with all websites that are listed in the bottom of this website. If the species you selected for sponsorship belongs to several projects, your sponsorship will be visible in each of these projects.

Sponsorship for the HymIS-projectThe sponsorship for one species is always for one calendar year. You can cancel your sponsorship at every moment within this year. If you don't cancel your sponsorship you will have automatically the sponsorship for the following year. In the case your payment is not made till the 1st of January, your sponsorship will be hold for one month. Is the payment neither made in January, this species will be again available for someone else to sponsor.

The yearly cost for the sponsorship for one species is 20,00 US$.

If you have any question about sponsoring a species, just send us a mail. If you want to take a sponsorship for a species, please send us a mail with your name and a picture with not more than 1 MB and of course the name of the species you want to adopt.


Here you can find one example page that illustrate how your sponsorship could look like.